“Beatriz Parga has written a delicious text about a very important character in García Márquez infancy: his first teacher. Throughout these pages, the reader not only travels the natural and human landscape of the two Aracatacas, the real and the mystical, but also the relationship between two lives linked by a powerful secret that only one of them knows.”
Alvaro Vargas-Llosa

“As it often happens with a first teacher, ‘Gabito,’ as they called him, fell in love with Rosa, and she discovered that the quiet child had a boundless curiosity for listening to stories. In time, the novelist would embellish them and envelop them in a prose filled with fantasy that captivated readers.  In this book by Beatriz Parga, those who study the works of García Márquez find a veritable and indispensable source.”
Carlos Alberto Montaner

“Based on her friendship with Rosa Fergusson, Colombian journalist and author Beatriz Parga offers us a lovely meditation about the vital role of teaching.
Carlos Restrepo
El Tiempo-  Bogotá, Colombia

“Gabriel García Márquez, the Colombian Nobel Laureate, always remembered the woman who taught him to read and write, Rosa Fergusson, his elementary school-teacher from the time he was five until eight years old, and who possessed a fabulous weapon, the María Montessori method. A beauty Queen of the Carnival who fascinated the small pupil – the closest thing to a childhood love. Reading García Márquez’ memoirs, ‘Live to Tell It,’ as well as ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude,’ the novel that was born at that tender age, and the confessions of his teacher, Rosa Fergusson, filtered by the narration of Beatriz Parga, is like walking through a hall of mirrors at a fair, where everything seems to be reflected according to the prism from which you see it.”
Olga Connor
El Nuevo Herald/The Miami Herald


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