Beatriz Parga began her journalistic career at the newspaper El Tiempo of Bogotá, Colombia, her native country. After winning an Inter American Press Association competition with a grant to study in the US, she moved to Miami, where she lives and has worked for the most influential local and US Hispanic newspapers, including Diario Las Americas and El Nuevo Herald of Miami; Diario La Prensa of New York; La Opinion of Los Angeles; Exito of Chicago, as well as several Latin American newspapers and US Hispanic magazines. For twelve years her articles were distributed by Los Angeles Times Syndicate International, until the Spanish syndicated service closed operations.

The author just released her new book “El Macho Latino” in Colombia, a fairy tale for adults about a young woman named Sophia who is discouraged about getting married by her mother and two aunts who consider marriage as an old institution and “sacramental slavery.” Decided to get their way, during a trip to Italy which includes the path "Via dell’Amore", the elders plotted to change Sophia’s heart by getting together every night to tell a picaresque story about men’s perspective of sexuality, which reminds the tale "One Thousand and One Arabian Nights." Mastering a style that is not for the timid, the author brings overall a delightful story about real love. World publishing rights available, with the exception of Colombia, the author’s homeland.
Her recent book, "The Teacher and The Nobel" (published in Spanish as “La Maestra y el Nobel”) comes from Literature’s Nobel Prize Gabriel Garcia Marquez personal request to the author to interview his first teacher, Rosa Fergusson. It is a story about the love and perseverance of a teacher in a very small town of the Third World, convinced that with the right education, and beginning with the Montessori method, any child could follow his dreams and even get a Nobel Prize. Her biggest affirmation comes from Garcia Marquez, who recognized his teacher’s influence when receiving the Nobel Prize. Published by Editorial Oveja Negra (Colombia) with already three editions and a movie contract, this book is available for worldwide publishers, including English and Spanish.
There are also rights available for “The Cinderella of The White House”, (“La Cenicienta de la Casa Blanca”), a story that emphasizes the difficult times endured by Columba Bush, a young Mexican who grows up marginalized in her city and abandoned by her father until her marriage to the young and future politician Jeb Bush, which allowed her to reach the high circles of the Washington DC society (Random House/Grijalbo 2004). Based on interviews and direct testimonies of Mrs. Bush with the author, who is a veteran and sassy journalists recognized by Hispanic Media as one of the "Hundred Most Influential Hispanic Journalists" in the United States. Worldwide rights available.